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This is it boys, I am giving you permission to stare, because my post today is all about boobs, jugs, breasts, gazongas, tits, dirty pillows.


I originally started this article with the idea of “the evolution of boobs in comics”. After some research I quickly started to realize, there is no evolution of boobs in comics, they are and always have been big! With the exception of a small few (no pun intended) like Tank Girl, Liz Sherman from Hellboy and depending on the artist Jubilee. I guess that also depends on your definition of small.

Breast size on female comic characters tends to vary depending on the artist. The only time I really like them big is when other parts of the women are extenuated overdramatically as well, like Rob Guillory’s women in Chew. They have very tiny waists and very large hips and boobs. I am less of a fan of the “extra large for no reason” chest types like Power Girl, Black Cat or Cat Woman. One artist who is famous for his “boobs” is Adam Hughes, and for as large as they are he is very good at drawing them. He must have a lot of experience with breasts 😉


The 90’s saw the largest boobs. I found that when the muscles started growing on the male comic characters, the boobs grew on the female ones. I think we can all admit it got kind of out of hand. Half the time these women looked like they were going to tip over.

fantastic 4

So here is when I get a little preachy: seriously, if you are fit and active enough to be running around and fighting bad guys, or your entire body is made of muscle, you are not going to have boobs like that! Of course, there is an exception to every rule, but if you have a body of a gymnast you are going to have the chest of one too! Of course there is always plastic surgery, but I don’t think the everyday female hero is going to go out and get a boob job just to look good in some tights, plus most of their personalities don’t fit the type of person who would go and get plastic surgery.

I know that comic characters, especially caped heroes, are supposed to be a fantasy. They are supposed to be who everyone wants to be, and I am not here saying that all comic characters should have smaller boobs. I like the way most of them look, and I think women should be curvy but sometimes it can go a little overboard, and if I have to stuff my bra with a whole box of tissue just to cosplay as my favorite comic character I may rethink my costume choice.

red sonja

Boobs have always been a staple in comics, just like the cape and although we whisper behind closed doors about it, I think it should be an open and out loud topic. How do you like your comic boobs?

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  1. It’s an exaggerated physique for a superhero comic. Almost no man has a chest and waist shaped as most superheros are, but how many superheroes would I follow with a beer gut?

  2. Agreed, as I said in my article. They are supose to be a fantasy, what every guy wants and what every girl wants to be (or vice versa). I do think you may have a comic idea there though 🙂

  3. Most superhero comics (at least traditionally) are written for a male audience, a heterosexual male audience.

    Drawing bigger muscles fed the fantasy of who the reader wanted to be, drawing bigger boobs fed the fantasy of who the reader wanted to be with.

    Scott that is a great idea re the guy with a beer gut. His name would be Keg and he’d have a young side kick named six pack!

  4. Try “Scowl” and “Moonbeam” in Dynamite’s “The Green Hornet.” Scowl IS a beer gut. He’s gone now. Bit off more than he could chew. Concerning the boobs, I think it would be nice to see them drawn a little more realistically. I know that doesn’t mean small, but not so big the lady won’t tilt over backward when she throws a side kick. Good article, Leigh. I agree with you. They are fantasy, but even in fantasy a little reality is a breath of fresh air a lot of us guys need.

  5. I don’t mind big boobs, what bothers me is the poses some of these characters make. How is it physically possible that Red Sonja’s boobs and butt are both facing the reader? Spines dont work like that!

  6. I love to read and admire the artwork of superhero comics and I’ve come to accept that some artists like to draws big boobs on all their female characters regardless of their age. It is what it is. Unfortunately, my wife does not share in my acceptance. Maybe other husbands/boyfriends have the same problem. It’s actually embarrassing and leaves me feeling a little ashamed when my wife sees me reading a comic that has a big splash of a big breasted female and says angrily “What are you reading?!!!” She’s not into comics and only sees that they are drawn for teenage boys to lust at and are therefore porn. In my heart and mind I know she’s right to a degree but I press on because I enjoy the stories and characters and can look past the ridiculous T&A. I can’t even read my digital comics at work during break without looking over my shoulder after getting too many rude comments from coworkers who glance over just as I turn the page and get a full page smack in the face of a big breasted super-heroine. Sadly, I now will only read my comics when my wife’s busy in another room so she won’t catch me reading my “porn”. So, yeah, I wish the industry would stop drawing big breasted half naked women so I can enjoy my comics out in the open and not feel like I have to hide in the shadows like some pervert. I want my wife to enjoy comics with me but it won’t happen while the industry continues to promote outrageously drawn women. I know that will never happen. So, life goes on. Thanks for the therapy session.

  7. I would prefer more mainstream boobs for some of the women. Even Play Arts Kai gave Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman bigger boobs for the toy. I dont mind the exaggeration but sometimes it becomes too much.

  8. I love your comment Jason! Very interesting, and yes I can see that it would be hard to enjoy your comics whenever you want to. I have (once in a while) had to look over my shoulder in public when reading comics. Most of the time because of full on nudity or violence, but I can see doing the same for a scantily clad large breasted heroine. It is hard for the non-comic reading community to understand how we look past the over sexualized content sometimes.

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