Preparing For Fan Expo

Thanks for checking out my first video blog! If you would like more tips and tricks on going to conventions check out a previous article I wrote at Comic Book Daily “How to survive a con“.

Leigh Hart
Leigh Hart

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  1. Are you sassing me Scott? You might have a 2 foot height advantage on me, but I will still take you out!…I mean, I’m not threatening you on a public forum…no…not at all…

  2. I appreciate the fact you point out the smell factor, but it will fall on deaf(nerd)ears…I confronted one particularly smelly individual last year. I did it discreetly, simply asked him if he knew how bad he smelled, I even offered a sample of some cologne I had in my pack, he flat out refused and took offence. I understand why, but the fact is most of them don’t care, when 95% of your life is spent in your moms basement writing Doctor Who fan fiction, I think who bad you smell is not high on the priority list….I’m not going to let it bother me this year, I have brought a small febreeze bottle and will lightly mist any odorous individuals discreetly…your welcome Fan Expo…

  3. So, RyanO what did you think of this year? I didn’t encounter to many smelly people, but maybe I was just lucky. There were some, just not as many as usual

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