The other night I went to Ladies Night at the Comic Book Lounge. While I was buying some comics I was chatting with one of the girls who attended about how I might have to order a couple issues of Mind the Gap online (I missed a couple issues, because I wasn’t able to get to the comic book store for a while). She looked at me with a confused face and said “really, you don’t have a pull list at a comic book store?”  I replied “of course I don’t” and I should probably explain why.

Yes, a pull list at your local store makes a lot of sense, you don’t miss any issues in a series, and you don’t have to go into the store and hunt for any singles. You are also helping out the comic store owner/manager by letting them know what to order every week and what sales they can expect. It also gives you a reason to visit the store on a regular basis.

So, with all the reasons as to why pull lists at a comic book stores are great, why don’t I have one? Because my dear readers I am lucky enough to live in Toronto. There are multiple comic book stores in downtown Toronto, and I like to experience all of them. I try and make it out to all the different stores in my area, even some that are farther away for me. One of my favorite stores in the city, Paradise Comics, is too far for me to get to on a regular basis, so as much as I would like to have a pull list there, I don’t. I do however try and go up there as much as I can, but sadly that’s not as often as I would like.


I tend to travel, and when I travel I like to visit the local town/city’s comic shop. If it’s a good store then I like to pick up a thing or two. I am not one to spend money and collect things I don’t need, so I like to keep a couple of things on my “want list” that I will pick up when I go to out of town stores. Pull lists can also be a bit stressful, well stressful to me, sometimes you can feel pressured to buy. If I am reading a title and then become disinterested, but forget to cancel it, I will keep buying it because it’s there, it’s in my stack. It can be really hard when you want to cancel a pull list and go to another store. Sometimes stores can be very sour about that, and not make it an easy process on the customer. This is why a lot of customers just leave their pulls and never go back to the store.

One day I am sure I will have a pull list somewhere, maybe then I won’t have to order over priced comics online. If you have a pull list what comic store do you have it at and why? Is it simply because it’s the closest store to you or is it because you love the place, maybe it’s just out of convenience? Let me know! It might convince me to get a pull list somewhere soon.