A Whole Whack of Vertigo Covers!

The Vertigo blog, Graphic Content, just released the following covers. My god, Vertigo probably has the best cover artists working today. Enjoy the beauty.

Air TPB Vol 3: Pureland
Codename Knockout TPB Vol 1
Cindrella: From Fabletown With Love #6
Daytripper #5
DMZ #52
Fables #95
Greek Street #10
Hellblazer #266
House Of Mystery #24
Jack Of Fables #45
Madame Xanadu #22
The Nobody TPB
Northlanders #27
Scalped #37
Scalped TPB Vol 6: Gnawing ...yesssssss
Stuck Rubber Baby OGN NEW PRINTING
Sage of Swamp Thing Book 3
Sweet Tooth TPB Vol 1 Out of the Woods
Sweeth Tooth #8
Transmetropolitan TPB Vol 7
Unknown Soldier #19
Unwritten #??
Comic Book Daily Staff
Comic Book Daily Staff

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