Bendis and Maleev’s Moon Knight teaser released

Marvel Comics has released a teaser for their latest Moon Knight series.

Despite lukewarm successes with its series over the last few years, Marvel is again trying to push a Moon Knight title.

Over the last few years, titles featuring the fan favourite have started strong, but ultimately trailed off as the series wore on.

The venerable comic book juggernaut is hoping to change the fortunes of one of their most heavily supported properties, which will now be helmed by Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev.

Bendis and Maleev are critically renowned for their work Daredevil, and recently have come back together to work on Bendis’ creator owned property, Scarlet.

The new Moon Knight series launches in May, and like the character, Marvel let us know he’s coming to take names and kick posteriori.

Andrew Ardizzi
Andrew Ardizzi

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  1. I love Moon Knight but haven’t picked up any of the last few attempts. Bendis and Maleev are a solid creative team and should provide an exciting reading experience.

    Can’t say I like Wolverine’s claws, Spider-Man’s hand or Captain America’s shield having anything to do with the new series: Moon Knight doesn’t need any more gimmicks.

  2. Meh. I’ll probably pass. I’ve never read any Moon Knight that really blew me away. That said though, I’ve never read the Bill Sienkiewicz stuff.. does anyone know if it’s been collected anywhere?

  3. I liked Moon Knight’s appearance in Heroes For Hire #1 but I don’t think I’ll rush out to get this one.

  4. I think past books have had their moments. I liked the run previous to the “Vengeance” volume, which really didn’t go anywhere. I think it’s a really cool character, and I will be picking it up. I think Bendis can go back to what he does best and that’s character based stories rather than these over arching ensemble books that really aren’t all that good.

  5. I did a search and found one. Not sure you’ve heard of it but the “internet” is a great resource for finding information.

    All the original Moench/Sienkiewicz Moon Knights were black and white in Marvel 1970s magazines so you can buy the essential or get this fancy hardcover.

  6. To be fair with Scarlet it’s not your typical comic book either. With that said, it’s still selling books at a decent rate. It’s still at about 24,000 units sold as of issue three despite falling from its debut 32,000. It’s actually a good book. As for Bendis’ work on Scarlet, if he can write a zillion avengers books I think he can handle Scarlet and Moon Knight when the former is only bi-monthly.

    Say what you like, but I’ll be checking it out.

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