C2E2: Spider-Verse Panel

Spider-fans have a lot of goodies coming their way over the next few months. Amazing Spider-Man relaunches with a new number 1, the second Andrew Garfield film opens up next week, and a new event will pit (almost) every Spider-Man ever against the homicidal Morlun.

Senior Marvel Editor Nick Lowe lead and moderated the Spider-Verse panel at C2E2 today and panelists included Mark Waid, Joshua Hale Fialkov, James Robinson, Jordan White, and Ramon Perez.

The audience got to start off their Spidey experience by singing along to the 60s Spider-Man theme with the ukulele stylings of editor Jordon White and then the panel got right into promoting the upcoming ASM #1.

The story will see Peter dealing with the fallout of having Doc Ock act as the Superior Spider-Man for the past year, and the first five issues will feature the Black Cat and Electro as the main villains (the latter no doubt a choice to capitalize on his upcoming movie appearance).

ASM will also feature the first cameo appearance of a woman who was bitten by the same spider that gave Peter his powers. Taking the name of Silk, who is she and what has she been doing all this time? Her story will be front and centre as part of the Original Sin Spider-Man issues.

Ramon Perez was asked about the new Learning to Crawl mini-series that he is working on with Dan Slott and Alex Ross. These are stories that take place between and during Amazing Fantasy 15 and the original ASM 1-5. They expand upon what the reader has already seen and build from Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s original work.

Perez also designed a new villain with sound based powers named Clash. While many of Spider-Man’s early villains were adults, Clash will be the first teenage villain to face the young Peter. The series runs for 5 issues (numbered Amazing Spider-Man 1.1, 1.2 etc) and the first issue hits the stand May 7th.

Come November fans will delve into the Spider-Verse. The story sees the villain Morlun (who we all remember eats Spider-people) hunting down every Spider-Man from every part of the Marvel multi-verse. While some versions of the hero will not appear due to legal quibbles with rights and such, the event will be chock full of version after version of your friendly neighbourhood webswinger.

Ben Reilly? Check. Peter Porker? Check. That Shakespeare Spider-Man from 1602? Check. That crazy Japanese TV version that fights evil robots? Check. Heck, even the Electric Company version of the character will be in it (not word if Morgan Freeman Dracula will be in it though). Fans of all ages will have some version of Spidey that they know and love throw down against Morlun.

Along with the above announcements the panel also discussed the Family Business OGN, the upcoming Infinite Series, and the new Spider-Man 2099 series. Whether you are team Peter or team Otto there will be something that piques your interest swinging its way soon.

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