Fraction and Ferry’s Thor Looks AWESOME!

I’ve been a fan of Pasqual Ferry’s art since I came across it through he and Andy Diggle’s  Adam Strange mini-series. It was bold and beautiful and filled with dynamic pages.

Seriously – every single panel looked like it could be a poster for a film that I’d want to watch.

I’ve managed to track down most of the stuff he’s worked on and have followed everything he’s done since (even though I’m not a huge Ender’s Game fan, i still perused the books for the beautiful art within.)

And as far as Matt Fraction goes… well, shit – this is the guy responsible for Casanova, the guy who wrote the second best Secret Invasion tie-in* with his three issue Thor mini-series – a series wherein Beta Ray Bill and Thor drop a city on a Super Skrull!

so when I heard that Fraction and Ferry were going to be collaborating on Thor – and that there Thor run was going to be influenced by Jack Kirby’s cosmic  craziness  – he told Comic book Resources that “I want to explore the Kirbyania science fiction side of Thor that we haven’t seen in some time. I want to write big, mind-blowing stuff like the best Thor runs are; ancient sagas reinvented as modern myths and superhero science fiction psychedelia.”

and I mean – isn’t that what most Superhero epics should be?

I was checking out Ferry’s blog and I came across these concept images… tell me that they aren’t mouth wateringly beautiful. I cannot wait for this series.

*Jason Aaron’s Black panther was the best.

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