Today(ish) in Twitter – Wednesday January 6th, 2009

twitterToday(ish) in Twitter is a regular column wherein our staff troll through the best of the 140 letter updates of the comic book world. ComicBookDaily is not responsible for the content of these tweets, but we will admit to laughing our collective bums off at some of them.

Ivan Brandon Sometimes a very drunk man decides to get on the xbox and sing so loudly that @brianmbendis mutes him.

Faith Erin Hicks I’m sorry, but “Twilight, but with zombies” is a TERRIBLE idea. Stop that, book publishers. Oh, wait, too late. Argh.Here’s the “Twilight with zombies” link (at the top, it’s HILARIOUS):

Edgar Wright Scott Pilgrim will be attached to the end of Iron Man 2 in its entirety. Like the Nick Fury scene in the 1st one. Just sit through the crawl

Jeff Parker For @tomfowlerbug ‘s birthday, everybody bump up orders on the collected MYSTERIUS THE UNFATHOMABLE due in March!

Bryan Lee O’Malley ms. @hopelarson is doing some of her best work on this new, as-yet-un-announced, graphic novel adaptation project!!!!! also, her ASS looks AMAZING

Hope Larson I don’t understand how my drawing has improved so much in a year of not-drawing, but it has.

Chris Eliopoulos Of course. I wrote and drew a strip for next week and the joke involves Kate Goselin off the radar and she’s on the cover of People. Bleh.

Becky Cloonan Also, for those of you who missed my 2AM tweet, here’s a Demo sneak peek:

…And now a conversation between David Lafuente (Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, Patsy Walker) and Benjamin Birdie (The Rack – one of my favourite webcomics) about Igor Kordey‘s work on Grant Morrison’s New X-Men run.

David Lafuente I’m going to celebrate these Igor Kordey tweets rereading some SOLDIER-X issues. shame I don’t have NEW X-MEN or BLACK WIDOW here.

Benjamin Birdie So with you, @davidlafuente. Kordey was fantastic. That one splash close up of Lilandra possessed? So best!!

David Lafuente @BenjaminBirdie ah, good comics! my fav X page by Kordey would be… that double with Emma Frost in floor after a dude breaks her nose

Benjamin Birdie @davidlafuente Solid choice. He really nailed that gross body horror aspect of the whole U-Men thing.

and Scene. Now back to your regular Twitter updates.

Paul Pope I have a 4 pg strip in the next ish of French mag Pilote–Cinema theme–Fellini trying to film a Tom&Jerry cartoon. Blutch in the ish too!Pilote is like what Heavy Metal used to be, mixed with what Mad mag used to be:

Rob Liefeld Yes, I know who the villains in the Deadpool movie are. No, I cannot tell you. Sorry.

Jill Thompson some of the cons I will be attending this year. Emerald City Con- Seattle Mar13-14, C2E2-Chicago Apr 16-18, Calgary Expo Apr 24-25 c u there.

Brian Michael Bendis there are a lot of squirrels running across my rooftop. i think they smell the turtle pee. i should probably shower 🙂

Mike Hawthorne How to make comics tip – Dogs in the studio: Good company. Dog farts: Not so good.

Ryan Dunlavey Anyone w/ a ComicVine account PLEASE replace this horrible picture of me with this nice one thnks!

Gail Simone Today is Suicide Squad #67 co-written by me and the great John Ostrander! Buy it or DIE!

Evan Dorkin Blast from the past: Check out the San Diego Comicon Artists Alley exhibitor list for 1987.

Fred Van Lente It’s gig time! What t-shirt am I gonna wear? Can’t decide! Can’t decide! BRAIN ANEURYSM!!

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