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Undervalued Spotlight #459

Justice League Of America #21, DC Comics, 1963. We were talking big comic book events at the shop recently, as a shopkeep I like the high profile, well-executed ones as they tend to bring good business. Anytime we have discussions…

Continuity In Comic Books

We talk a lot of about continuity at the CBD offices. It is one of our favourite topics. Last week Kurt Busiek mentioned something on Twitter that has stuck with me. He was talking about how some people wish that…

Episode 17: Opening ‘Pandora’s Box’ in the New 52

Back in January DC finally provided a name for the mysterious, hooded woman who has maintained frequent, lurking appearances strung throughout their relaunched line of titles. The character, who first appeared in Flashpoint, is largely responsible for the realignment of the multiverse in the DCU, creating a storyline cause and effect of the DCU status quo. That character's name is Pandora, and in the sixth issue of Justice League, released this week, a back-up story featuring an exchange between the Phantom Stranger and Pandora is given as a bonus.