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Death, be not proud.

The comic book world was abuzz this week with the news that Damian Wayne, the fourth Robin, was going to die in the upcoming Batman Incorporated #8. I didn’t bother posting a spoiler alert because once something appears in the…

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Batman Incorporated #1

From 2006 forward, Grant Morrison's name has been synonymous with Batman. Through the main title and his definitive Batman tale, to the depths of certain oblivion through time, back to the re-ascension of Bruce Wayne to the mantle of the Bat, Morrison's Batman opus has garnered a fair and justified amount of acclaim over the last six years. His name was missing, however, from the new crop of "New 52" titles in Fall 2011 when DC relaunched its titles. Moving several months forward, we find Morrison has returned to finish his Batman Inc. story, it leading the way for DC's second wave of "New 52" titles.
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