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Covered 365: Day 263

Uncle Scrooge #263, Walt Disney, February 1992, Artist: Don Rosa. Any one of these would have handily won the day yesterday. I was always a Carl Barks guy until someone years ago showed me a hardcover book celebrating Don Rosa’s…

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Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck “The Son of the Sun” The Don Rosa Library Vol 1

I never read any of the Carl Barks or Don Rosa duck comics until relatively recently when Fantagraphics began releasing collected editions. I was, however, a big fan of the TV show Ducktales (which was based upon Barks and Rosa's works) and thus was already familiar with many of the denizens of Duckburg. Continuing in its tradition of bringing the best of Donald and Uncle Scrooge to the masses, Fantagraphics has released the first volume in the Don Rosa library.
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