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Green Lantern #3

Spiraling out of the events of The War of the Green Lanterns, the Green Lantern title found itself in uncharted territory with long-time GL antagonist Sinestro back in the green and black. Volume five of Green Lantern is now three issues into its run, all with the greatest Green Lantern (villain) at the helm of the title. The question is whether the title is still holding its weight as a story.

Green Lantern #67

Green Lantern #67 arrived in stores last week, and with its arrival, the War of the Green Lanterns epic also concluded. With this issue, volume four of the title ended. The only question is whether it ended on a low-note or a high one. Forward!

Review: inFamous #1

Writer: William Harms Artist: Eric Nguyen Letters: Wes Abbott Cover: Doug Mahnke and Jorge Gonzalez Publisher: DC Comics   Continuing the recent trend of adapting video games into the comic book format, the mini-series inFamous brings us back into the…

Batman: Under The Red Hood Trailer!

Here’s the next DC direct to DVD movie “Batman Under the Red Hood.” Based on the comic arc written by Judd Winnick and drawn by a host of artists – including Doug Mahnke. “It’s simply the darkest Batman movie we’ve…