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Retailer Q | #5: Non-superhero Market

Welcome to Retailer Q, spinning 52Q’s format at top Canadian comic retailers.  Comic Book Daily asks the question and our retail friends give their perspective. [box type=question]Is the non-superhero market alive and well from a comic shop perspective?[/box] [box type=shadow]Calum…

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Beginning’s end bittersweet for ‘Kill Shakespeare’ creators

Life could be perceived as a series of acts, each of us living out the drama of our lives in a microcosm of the whole day in and day out. Existence is a play, with each component of the greater story being told a piece at a time; before we know it, the curtains close on a chapter of life and the crowd disperses for intermission, anticipating the next part of the story.
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Review | Fables: Covers By James Jean

The title says it all.  Fables: Covers By James Jean is a 9×12″ hardcover collection of James Jean’s covers of seventy-four monthly issues, ten trade paperbacks, one on-shot and one graphic novel.  If you enjoy Jean’s work then pick up…

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