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Covered 365: Day 200

Avengers #200, Marvel Comics, October 1980. Artist: George Perez. Here we are at another milestone, Day 200! This project has been so eye-opening, making me look at all covers way more closely than I did in the past. DC Comics…

Covered 365: Day 138

Spawn #138, Image Comics, September 2004 – Artist: Greg Capullo. I’ve always been a sucker for wraparound covers and Capullo’s work on Spawn #138 is fantastic. What sent me over the top was the foreground shell casings, I mean come…

BATMAN Vol. 1 The Court of Owls

BATMAN Vol. 1 The Court of Owls Collects Batman #1-7 Written by Scott Snyder Pencils by Greg Capullo Inks by Jonathan Glapion Published May 15, 2012 DC Comics, 176-page color hardcover,  $24.99 Content rated T – Teen Order Online: Amazon,…

Batman #5

Batman is on trial as the mythic Court of Owls is closing in on the Dark Knight. Issue five of the relaunched series was released last week, bringing with it new revelations about the shadowy cabal purportedly to have run Gotham since the pioneer days.

Batman #1

Issue one of the new Batman series hit store shelves last week, perhaps the premier title of the third week of DC Comics' relaunch. The book features Scott Snyder at the helm as Bruce Wayne is formally returned to the scene of his greatest triumphs and failures: Gotham.