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Undervalued Spotlight #179

Avengers #263, Marvel Comics, January 1986 Quick trivia question. What comic featured the 1st appearance of the X-Factor? Well, if you said 1963’s X-Men #1 you wouldn’t be wrong. Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Jean Grey and Iceman all indeed made up the…

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Uncanny X-Force #12

After travelling into the AoA dimension along with Dark Beast to recover the Life Seed, the team is left stranded when Dark Beast leaves once the dimension's mutants destroy the Seed. It being the only thing that can save Warren, X-Force is left scrambling for both a way home and solution to save their friend. The remaining mutants in the world take X-Force to Atlantis where they meet the leaders of Mutantkind: an aged Magneto and Jean Grey.
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