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Undervalued Spotlight #307

Marvel Team-Up Annual #4, Pawns of the Purple Man, Marvel Comics, August 1981. Cover Art and story by Frank Miller, Interior art by Herb Trimpe, Inking by Mike Esposito. Walt: Here’s another fantastic contribution to the Undervalued Spotlight from Mike…

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Review: The Shadowland Wrap-Up

We’re going to take a little departure from the usual format here. I’ve kept mum on the most part about Shadowland mostly due to the sheer volume of titles published since the story began in July. That’s especially the case…

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A Shadowland Primer

Shadowland is about to descend upon Marvel’s heroes. With the summer event drawing ever closer, this week we’re previewing the potential blockbuster that will pit a dozen of Marvel’s best characters ranging from super powered arachnids to adept martial arts…

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