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Full Moon Terror! Marvel Spotlight & Werewolf by Night

October wouldn't be complete if we didn't feature a scary Marvel super-hero in Arcs and Runs! Well yes it would, but it is Halloween and I just can't resist taking a peak at the horror genre in Marvel comics this month. The early seventies was the heyday for this genre with books like Tomb of Dracula, The Monster of Frankenstein, Man Thing, Ghost Rider, Son of Satan, and our featured character Werewolf by Night all getting a chance at their own comic series.
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Epic Illustrated

Last week I came across an almost complete run of the 1980's Marvel Magazine Epic Illustrated in ultra- high grade raw shape. So I bought them all! Now Epic Illustrated has been on the radar ever since it was announced that Marvel was doing a movie version of Jim Starlin's Vanth Dreadstar character from Metamorphosis Odyssey.
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