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Undervalued Spotlight #331

Marvel Super-Heroes #13, Marvel Comics, March 1968 This Spotlight came to me while I was arguing with someone about who was the best female superhero at Marvel. I’m not saying Captain Marvel is but I am presently this week’s Undervalued…

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Cover Versions of the New 45’s

“Dear Doc Curmudgeon” is a column by Clint McElroy made up of completely fabricated responses to mostly fabricated questions. But you knew that due to your discerning nature and brilliant mind which would never fall for a columnist trying to…

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Undervalued Spotlight #175

Ms. Marvel #18, Marvel Comics (June 1978) I’m really enjoying the recent submissions from Undervalued Spotlight readers. Spotlight readers are obviously a savvy group because their picks are strong and true. Honestly I’ve been getting enough submissions lately to consider running…

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