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Review: X-Men Legacy #242

Writer: Mike Carey Pencils and Inking: Paul Davidson Colours: Brian Reber Letters: Cory Petit Cover: Leinil Yu Publisher: Marvel Comics Coming off a lackluster story arc, Mike Carey returns Rogue and company to the San Francisco area where they finally…

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Review: Uncanny X-Men #528

Writer: Matt Fraction Artist: Whilce Portacio Inker: Ed Tadeo Colours: Brian Reber Letters: Joe Caramagna Cover: Terry and Rachel Dodson This is a story about a girl named Hope. We’re now a few issues into the first REAL X-Men arc…

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I Heart Comics: Random Reviews

Last night I had one of the best reading experiences. All the titles really only had one thing in common: great comics. Now most of these books are old, and for whatever reason I only recently picked them up. These…

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