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Web Arted Feb 3rd

A gathering of wonderful art spotted by yours truly these last seven days. Daredevil issue 6 splash by Wally Wood. Source. Cosmic Odyssey by Duncan Fegredo. Source. Machine Man by Kalle Malloy. Source. Avengers ad by Jack Kirby. Source. Rocketeer…

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Dust Jacket Incentive

This just struck me as odd.  IDW is releasing Rocketeer Adventures Volume 1 hardcover on December 7th, and the direct market version will ship with a dust jacket. Here’s the relevant quote: [quote]All direct market copies of this book will…

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Harvey Winners Announced!

Asterios Polyp, Chew, The Rocketeer: The Complete Adventures and The Walking Dead were among the titles winning multiple honors at the 2009 Harvey Awards, presented Saturday in conjunction with Baltimore Comic-Con. The ceremony, hosted by PvP creator Scott Kurtz, also…

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