1. Charlie
    October 16

    Very cool… I love hearing stories about discovery and great finds. I also love the way you guys got connected with help of the internet.

    Is it just me or is 15¢ a lot of money for 1941. Back then you could actually buy things with a penny…

  2. jim b.
    October 25

    What a wonderful find! A significant piece of Canadian comics history.

    What’s inside this issue, is it all the work of Vernon Miller? Or had other Maple Leaf creators joined in yet?
    There are no contents listed for this comic at the Grand Comics Database. I’d love to know if it was all Iron Man, or had some of the later strips in Better Comics, like Blackout Patrol, started up in this initial issue.

    Please tell us more.
    ~ jim b.

    • October 25

      Hi Jim

      I actually have the whole book, page by page, on my hard drive. Mr. Miller has asked me not to post it just yet but I hope to have the whole book up on the site soon.

      I’ll at least put up a table of contents for the book sometime in the next couple of weeks.

      • Is it public domain?

        As per the Copyright Act, copyright in a work exists for the life of the author/creator, the remainder of the calendar year in which he is deceased, plus fifty years after the end of that calendar year. Source.

  3. October 25

    Vernon Miller died about 38 years ago, this would still keep it with the Miller family??

  4. jim b.
    October 25

    That’s great Walter, thanks for the quick reply. I’d love to see the table of contents.

    As to the rights, probably not. I believe what Scott is talking about is modern works. Any book published here in 1941, if Maple Leaf didn’t renew the copyright, would have entered the public domain on Jan. 1st 1970. As ML were out of business 28 years later it’s a high probability that the copyrights were never renewed.
    Public domain is a controversy that gets argued alot around the web. I wouldn’t print copies to sell without checking with a lawyer first.
    ~ jim b.

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