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  1. Charlie
    July 29

    I would say YES… and NO.

    As a comic fan, I would love for us fans to “own” industry news but from a business stand point, it should really depend on the marketing strategy.

    We all know that George Lucas basically invented/created/established or discovered movie franchising back in 1977 with Star Wars. Based on this model, almost every summer block buster since has had some sort of tie in with merchandising and fast food.

    Similarly, the CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs is credited with taking a commercial and turning the announcement itself into an event with the famous Mac commercial (that almost wasn’t) titled 1984.

    I think if you have a product that is genuinely good, I would take a lesson from these two modern masters of marketing and build anticipation by creating desire. Then follow up with related material that declare the product a bigger success then it actually is. Strategically, if it makes sense to involve comic cons as part of the bigger initiative, then do it… but don’t just do it because it’s a comic related product.

    An interesting read on modern marketing is a book called NO LOGO by Toronto’s own Naomi Klein, which was a monster hit in the late 90s. The underlining tone may seem anti corporate but I actually found it to be more observational… at least in the first 1/3 that I read (who has time to finish these thick books that just seems repetitive after a while…). But heck… why read when you can watch.

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