1. December 21

    I was dedicated to watching Smallville for its entire run, but the quality severely dropped off throughout the back-end of the series, especially after Michael Rosenbaum left the show. If there was ever a series that I felt ran too long, Smallville was it. After seeing everything and being disappointed with so much, I really can’t look too fondly on the series and don’t ever plan to watch it again. Many of the story lines became so convoluted and ridiculous, I couldn’t keep myself from face palming myself after any given episode. It just came to a point where the writing for the show was just horrible.

    To be fair, season 10 was much better than the previous two seasons, especially eight which I consider the worst season of the series. Even then, episodes like the matrix episode left me banging my head against the table. The greatest annoyance though was his ascension as Superman. We wait 10 years to see Clark fly and don the tights, and what we get is a few minutes of CGI Superman and a few seconds of Tom Welling actually wearing the suit. Even then, we only see the scene you posted. As a viewer and longtime fan, I can’t help but feel shortchanged.

  2. Ed Campbell
    December 22

    We were short changed. It could’ve been a better finale, but it did take 10 yars to get to the final point.

    I felt the series did suffer from “Nigel/Daphne Syndrome”. I hate to use a Frasier example to prove a point, but with that show it became stale after a while because the viewer knew they were going to get together. When the ratings started to drop, they couple got together and they could get a couple more years of story out of the show.

    Smallville suffered the same fate. The show shouldn’t have lasted more than 7 years. Plus, the show’s focus should have moved to Metropolis somewhere around season 5. When the show started they said Metropolis was 3 hours from Smallville. Eventually characters started commuting from “The Talon” to the Daily Planet. If it was a 3 hour commute, they’d spend 6 hours travelling a day. Not very logical.

    I think that led to some very obsurd story lines.

    If they had an original plan for the length of the series, the episodes would’ve been better.

    That’s why I enjoyed Season 10. They knew exactly how many episodes were left to finish the series. I wish there was another season to see Tom Welling as Superman. There is an opportunity missed with that one.

    I enjoy Smallville. It is one of my favourite series.

  3. SREW
    January 9

    Smallville was a fantastic series, a lot of fun, and TV land definitely needs to come up with a replacement. The final episode was brilliant and it made sense not to show Clark as Superman much because, as they say in the special feature, the episode is about the end of Clark Kent, who we know, not about the beginning of Superman, who we don’t. Once we finally see Clark in the suit, it seems something isn’t quite right, it’s not the Clark or the Blur we’ve grown to know. So I think they got it absolutely right. Now please give us ten years of Wonder Woman with Erica Durance, or another DC spectacular to fill the gap left by Smallville (Swamp Thing in Moore-mode would be good if Erica is busy).

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