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Canadian ToyCon 2014

On Sunday September 7th I attended the 2014 edition of the Canadian Toy Con.  This is a RPG Event which is on the same schedule with other events like Burlington Toy Show and GTA ComiCon. Being one week after Fan…

My Fan Expo 2014 Weekend

Wow... what a weekend for Fan Expo. I don't think I've fully recovered yet. It was an insanely busy 4 days of comic book, video game, Sci-Fi and horror fun. If you missed out on Fan Expo this year, you missed out on one of the best I have ever attended. Sure there were some hiccups and bumps along the road for this year's show, but all in all it was the most attended and in my opinion most successful Fan Expo's in it's 20 year history.

Fan Expo Is This Week

There are only a few short days left before this year’s Fan Expo.  Fan Expo will be August 28-31 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto. Fan Expo is one of those events that is very polarizing.  Some people love…

Big B Comics Niagara Grand Opening

My fellow Simcoe County Avenger, Dee, and I were invited to the store for the Grand Opening. We were happy to attend, especially when it's a chance to get out and have fun in Cosplay. Dee went as Valkyrie which was modified to be Thor (perhaps a possibility of what will happen in the comics) and I went as Thor and Captain America. It was fun with us both being "Thor" at the same time. It did piqué the interest of some people who stopped to see us, and we took the opportunity talking to people about the change with Thor.

I am Starlord!

Every time there is a new release of a comic book movie, I help out Big B Comics in Barrie at our local theatre with a table. We have a display set up helping promote the store, and we give away comics and prizes before each screening. The last couple times Dee (Stephanie) and I dress up in cosplay and have fun with the crowds. Seven days before the movie's release we decided we would try to come up with a Guardian's themed costume. Time would be tight, but we scrambled to find the materials it would take to put it all together.

Voice Acting 101 – TFCon 2014

July 13th I attended the TFCon in Toronto. You can check out my previous column for all the fun stuff I did that day. TFCon featured many panels and interactions with the special guests.  One of the panels I took…

Con Bravo 2014 – Saturday

On Saturday I attended Con Bravo. It is a show I haven't been to before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Con Bravo is the "Festival Celebrating Everything Geek" and the focus of the show is "indie media, gaming, and cosplay". Unfortunately I do not follow the indie scene, so I was at a loss when it came to the special guests and panels that were featured at the show. But the convention goers were going nuts for the guests. There were long lines waiting to interact with the celebrities. Which is the real focus when it comes to the celebrities at Con Bravo - the personal interaction with the convention goers.

Shaking Things Up at Marvel

The comic book world is still spinning from the news this week that Marvel is shaking things up a bit, and changing some of their major characters. Originally I was going to write this article about the power of Thor being transferred from Thor to a new female character. That is a column within itself. But this week we hear more news that the mantle of Captain America is being passed from Steve Rogers, to his friend and ally Sam Wilson.

TF Con and Collectible Toy Expo 2014 – Sunday

This past Sunday I attended the final day of TF Con (Transformers Convention) held in conjunction with the Collectible Toy Expo.  It was held at the Delta Hotel and Conference Center in Mississauga. I was unable to attend the convention…

Comic Book Character’s Value

Last week I wrote about Neil Gaiman’s character Angela now showing up in the pages of Marvel Comics.  In the comments of that column Josh commented that Marvel Comics purchased the character from Neil Gaiman.  I searched the internet quickly…

Creator’s Rights = Stale Creativity?

I have talked to several artists and writers since I started doing this for CBD, and usually our conversation will evolve into talking about their dream projects.  Most times the comic creator will say their dream job is to work…

Cosplaying with Weapons

There was a lot of buzz this week about Fan Expo.  There were some rumours flying around that Fan Expo was going to limit the use of all costume “props and weapons”.  You could bring them to the show, but…

Dealing with “Muggles”

First off… I am not a fan of Harry Potter.  I don’t read the books.  I’ve never watched one of the movies.  I am not even sure what the heck a “muggle” was until I had to have someone explain…

Burlington Toy Show – June 1, 2014

Yesterday I attended the summer edition of the Burlington Toy Show (presented by RPG Events). This edition of the BTS featured a wide variety vendors selling all sorts of toys and collectibles from new to vintage classic toys. Actually... a lot of vintage and classic toys. There seems to be a trend at the local toy show circuit of late 80's/early 90's toys making an appearance. I have been finding more and more C.O.P.S., Dick Tracy and MASK toys. Dick Tracy wasn't as popular as expected in the 90's, but the toys are very stylistic and cool. Plus you can collect the complete series of figures right now at various shows, for as little as $5 each.

I am Wolverine; X-Men Days of Future Past

The latest installment of the X-Men film franchise hit theatres this past weekend. To help celebrate the event, Big B Comics had a table set up at the Cineplex Odeon Galaxy in Barrie. My cosplay teammate Stephanie and I showed up at the theatre to help out Big B, dressed as X-Men. This was going to be a challenge for me. Stephanie has many costumes in her repertoire - Rogue being one of them - but I don't have much stuff when it comes to X-Men.

FCBD @ Big B (and some cosplay too)

I spent Free Comic Book Day 2014 helping out Big B Comics in Barrie. The night before FCBD we were set up at the theatre in Barrie for Amazing Spider-Man 2. We had a table set up displaying all the comics that were available for pick-up the next day. Plus I was able to talk to the audience at each of the screens showing ASM2, to talk to them about FCBD. What it's about, and where they can join in on the action.

80’s Toy Expo – Alan Oppenheimer Panel

One of the highlights at any convention or expo are panels featuring the celebrity guests.  At the 80’s Toy Expo on May 4th/2014, there was a Q&A panel featuring voice acting Icon, Alan Oppenheimer. Q&A panels can be tricky.  Since…