Cameron Stewart’s Digital Art For Batman & Robin

Cameron Stewart posted his amazing “pencils” from Batman and Robin #16 on his blog the other day. I would love to buy the original pages! Too bad they’re aren’t any.

From Cameron Stewart’s blog post:
Unfortunately, none of these pages are for sale…as they don’t exist! I did this issue completely digitally, so there are no physical pages.

Wow, those are some very pretty digital drawings. I found the direction Stewart has added to “Insert Painting Here” pretty amusing.  If you want to see more of his work from Batman and Robin #16 like the above image, or this gem:

Check out his blog here.

Stewart joins fellow Batman & Robin alums Frazier Irving and Frank Quitely in the move to Digital penciling.  But what this will mean for fans of original art?

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One Comment

  1. Dennis De Pues
    November 10, 2010

    No original art means no original art sales for Cameron Stewart. It may be a sign of the times but there is nothing like the tactile excitement of holding and viewing original art.
    You can take a scan of the original and it may be an exact copy,…but it still is a copy.
    Collecting original art is also a great hobby and investment! If you think about it, a NM copy of your favorite “key” is great but there is only ONE on the census of every page of original art.

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