1. Charlie
    September 12

    I took my wife to see it on her birthday and she really like it (especially beefcake Hemsworth). Where romance is concerned, I particularly liked:

    Thor approaches Heimdall, who’s standing by the edge of the broken bridge…

    Thor: So Earth is lost to us?
    Heimdall: No. There is always hope.
    Thor: Can you see her?
    Heimdall: Yes.
    Thor: How is she?
    Heimdall: She searches for you. 

    That’s poetry, man!

    • Ed Campbell
      September 12

      awesome scene

  2. Ed Campbell
    September 12

    A friend of mine said the only Superhero movie his wife will watch is Spider-Man (mainly because of that stupid kiss).  I told him “Take her to Thor, it is romantic, she’ll love it”.  She wasn’t interested in seeing it. 

    Come on!!! Kenneth Brannaugh directed it.  The guy has done Shakespeare.  I am pretty sure he can set up a scene that is romantic.

    I think when it hits DVD tomorrow, there are going to lots of people who love this movie (if they didn’t see it in theatre).  It’s like Gladiator.  The first week it came out was slow, but after a couple weeks it was number 1 at the box office, and the audience was a 50/50 split between men and women.

    I think the ladies will really enjoy Thor.  I know my wife does.  She can’t wait til we get the Blu-Ray tomorrow.  She’s more excited for that one than X-Men First Class.

  3. September 13

    It was my girlfriend’s favorite summer flick and to be honest out of the two marvel flicks this summer I flip flop between this and Cap And now with The Consultant we have a Marvel movie time line.

  4. September 14

    Thor has become my favorite Marvel character over the past few years. As a younger reader I always gravitated towards Spider-man and X-men(my brother was the Thor fan), I thought the story boring. As my taste in storytelling matured I kept coming back to Thor when superheros were concerned. I loved the grandiose characters and story lines of the silver age and recent J.M.S keeps that spirit going!
    I feel this movie is one of Marvels best…hold on..I am a huge fan of Spider-man 2, and X-men 1 & 2,(can’t forget X-Men First Class!) but this movie hits all the right notes! Captain America with all it’s flaws is very enjoyable, but Thor managed to keep the original feel of the book and make it approachable enough for people not familiar with the source material.
    A few bad one liners aside, it didn’t feel like it was hokey or “dumbed down”, balancing humor with fantastical fight scenes every minute of film is used wisely.
    Make sure to check this one out, some good extras and looks great on Blu-Ray (skip the 3-D, it wasn’t shot in 3-D and isn’t worth the extra $6-$10). Finally a good flick on a character I was praying they wouldn’t screw up, and I liked it better the second time!

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