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If we only look at the Wolverine example, we would assume that the value of a character’s first full appearance always trumps the value of the first brief appearance. It would stand to reason that a comic book reader gets more of the character in the first full appearance issue and this would increase more buying demand (and value) for the first full appearance issue. However, as I sifted through and compared first brief appearance and first full appearance values in this year’s guide, I found that this wasn’t always the case. Here are examples of comics showing both cases: examples where the first brief appearance issue is more valuable, and examples where the first full appearance issue is the more valuable of the two.

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Earlier this year the comic book world first caught wind of Cable’s imminent return to the Marvel universe. The only question that remained, was, how? With Cable’s death in Second Coming, it appeared that he had completed his final mission, but it would seem that for the time-travelling hero from the future, one final mission remains.

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Putting aside any jokes about this being an Oz-like shower scene, this cover is disturbing and hilarious on a number of levels. I like to interpret it as a metaphor: Ed McGuinness…

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