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There’s a lot of comic book shops out there, but which ones are out there doing the do for comic books? Sure, you could do your research, call them up and ask them the right questions…if you had nothing better to do! But luckily for you, we have nothing better to do. So kick back and and relax as we spotlight some of the coolest comic book stores around the world and ask the questions you want to ask.

The Dragon
Guelph Ontario

Last month I had the opportunity to visit The Dragon in Guelph Ontario.  I had heard good things about the store and wanted to see it for myself. The location is in a mall with a unique layout, designed as…

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Canada’s First Comic Shop?

An interesting video from the CBC archives about Memory Lane Books, opened May 1967 in Toronto by George Henderson. This predates Harry Kremer’s Now & Then Books by four years. A really great interview.  Henderson felt comfortable opening a comic…

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Little Island Comics

“But, aren’t all comic shops for kids?” That is the common response I get when I tell people about Little Island Comics, the new comic store for kids that has opened up in Toronto. Steps away from Honest Ed’s the…

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Progressive Shop Profile: Tate’s

Welcome back to the ComicBookDaily Progressive Shop Profiles! Comic shops often get a bum rap; they’re seen as dingy little holes in the wall that you wouldn’t want to take your mother into. It’s ComicBookDaily’s mission to dispel this false myth by…

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