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Comics Market Mirrors 1990s Crash

Readers and collectors just have to refuse to spend hard-earned money on some of the junk that's thrown our way whether it's in the primary or the secondary market. As a reader-collector, I'm very discriminating in what I buy and collect because at $4 a pop - more for some books - reading comics is becoming a very expensive hobby; even more so for the serious collector seeking to purchase the classics. If we don't fall for the junk we can help keep some of the nonsense out of the market and ensure we get the most for our money
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Comic Writing Is Better Than Ever

As a journalist, I do everything I can to promote comic writing and art to the public, particularly for youngsters. Heck, if it weren’t for comics, I seriously doubt I would have ever learned to read. Comics today can be a spark younger people may need to lead them to a lifetime of wonder and imagination in both words and art.
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Keeping The Comics Market Sane

For the average comics collector, prices on the most sought after books and even some of the more common fare are getting way out of sight. There’s no way most can compete with high-end speculators, collectors and investors with more…

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