Of Mystery and Macabre: the Guy Davis Art Exhibition

On February 27, Artoriginals put on an art show featuring master storyteller Guy Davis. I’ve long been a fan of Guy’s deceptively simple art style, since I picked up the first collection of Sandman Mystery Theatre.

Davis has long been known as one of the fastest artists in the industry; and when you look at his art you’ve got to wonder just how he does it. His art is incredibly detailed, from facial features to backgrounds that have spanned everywhere from Renaissance Versailles all the way to secret labs chiseled into mountain ranges. The thing that might first attract your eye about Davis’ characters is that they look very real, they’re not always traditionally beautiful or handsome, it’s this level of realism that really makes his work on BPRD pop. The moments between characters work so well, that when they finally do have to fight off hoards of demon frogs, underwater gods and b-list supervillains, you’re so totally sold on it because of Davis’ ability.

Guy was incredibly gracious and humble, signing copies of BPRD, Sandman Mystery Theater – even his own creation the brilliant Marquis. We didn’t get a chance to chat too long with Guy, but he did share a few tidbits with us, including that after the current BPRD arc (King of Fear) they’ll have a Lobster Johnson mini-series. He’ll also have more Marquis hopefully out by 2012.

We go to talk briefly to Sean Menard as he worked the room. He heaped praise on Davis calling him “a prolific artist, who is  humble and easy going. He’s the kind of guy that we want to support because not only is he beyond talented, he’s just a great guy.”

David Diep photographed quite a few pictures of the shindig, here for your viewing pleasure are some of the choice cuts.

ArtOriginals has been outdoing itself with their art exhibits and have plenty more planned for the future. We’d like to thank Walt and Sean for putting on a great show, and for Guy Davis for tolerating our fanboyish questions.

Oh, and one more thing: Guy Davis should totally draw the Shadow.. just saying.

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