Covered 365: Day 267

House of Mystery #267, DC Comics, April 1979, Artist: Mike Kaluta.

Beautiful haunting cover from Mike Kaluta on House of Mystery #267, Kaluta is amazing.

I had a flashback to the early days of Covered 365 thanks to Al Milgrom’s rainbow cover to Hulk #267, remember when we searched for rainbows?

For some reason, I love the flow of Rich Buckler’s cover to World’s Finest #267.

And for some other reason, I’m not too sure of I also love the effect Paul Ryan gets on the cover of Iron Man #267.

A great comic book cover matching each day of the year, 1 through 365. Please chime in with your favourite corresponding cover, from any era.

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

Walter Durajlija is an Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner. He owns Big B Comics in Hamilton Ontario.

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  1. While somewhat melancholy, this may be the weakest of the Kaluta covers so far. I agree with Klaus that Ironman did remind me of a far weaker version of the Spidey cover! Either that or its the Ironman version of The Shining…. “Heeere’s Tony!”

  2. Wow. Missing on all cylinders this time. I had HoM merely as a runner up due to it’s poor choice of monotone coloring, but the rest don’t measure up.
    Betty and Veronica variant was a much better mermaid cover. But it’s a done deal, and I digress.
    Day 268 has me liking Uncanny X-Men more than anything else. It’s a iconic cover by Lee that still draws me in everytime.
    Runner ups would be ASM by Byrne, Legion of Superheroes by Perez/Austin, Captain America by Zeck, Conan by Colin McNeil (thought is was Mike Mignola at first), Hulk by Frank Miller, HoM by Mike Kaluta again but better than the last one, and lastly the FF cover of Dooms mask is one of the best photo covers ever.
    JOWA goes to Detective for showing how Batman would abuse super strength by attacking people in cars. No visible signs of being ‘bad guys’.

  3. No. No. No. No. C.K. and I are on the same wavelength as far as his comments from yesterday go, especially the World’s Finest. That’s probably my favorite piece of art but the concept is “just dumb”. Gerald joins us for thumbs down on the pick of the day, which was the college try but no more. At least there was some effort put into three of the four – that Iron Man is like something an artist would draw on a sketch cover in five minutes.

    Tomorrow equally terrible. C.K. is right that X-Men is probably best but still leagues from a great cover. I am going to stick with this exercise but it isn’t going to be pretty.

    I had to go back and confirm that ASM #268 is Byrne. Nyet. In contrast to guys I didn’t appreciate in the day like Kane and Kubert, Byrne recently has been showing me less than I remembered.

    C.K. and I not on the same wavelength for the rest of his picks, none of which I would put forward, and some that I would argue are pretty bad.

    I will give a shout out to Blackhawk for the intended G.I. Combat #87 swipe. I always like to see this book get some publicity.

    I think the JOWA goes to Batman for the terrifying camel of “The Sheikh”.

  4. Today’s Kaluta cover was not a dog, just way too blue. It could have wowed with greens, reds, browns, and yellows used in proper proportions to the blues needed. As for Meli being out of sync with my picks for tomorrow, I can appreciate his tastes being different. However I did look at that Blackhawk and just thought, “since when did Blackhawk go kamikaze? That kind of a dive is not good, nor normal.” Therefore I disregarded it for it’s composition. I stand by my picks, but they are just mine. 🙂

  5. Clarifying: Blackhawk not a pick, just some publicity for the real version, which is G.I. Combat #87. In that case I think the intent was that it was indeed not good, not normal, but necessary and not intentionally kamikaze.

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