This week I couldn’t get to any eBay listings so unfortunately, I can’t bring you any fresh splash pages from the Walt pile. I was a bit ambitious this week and tried to find artists that I have not featured yet in Making a Splash, so welcome to all the newbies.

Doug Wildey was already a veteran artist back in 1983 when he started to write and draw Rio for Eclipse Comics. This is really good stuff and sorry, I could not find the issue # this splash page was from.

Move over Wonder Woman because Irwin Hasen introduces Wildcat in Sensation Comics #1, from January 1942.

See this here is right up my alley, some real funkadelic stuff from Liz Berube. From Girl’s Love Stories #149, February 1970. I know a guy named Vic but he ain’t no rock star.

This is a Dan Barry splash from 1949’s anti-communist comic Fight For Freedom.

I had no luck finding a nice Lady Luck splash page and to tell you the truth it turns out I had no luck finding a Klaus Nordling Lady Luck splash page which was my original intent. Turns out this nice piece was drawn by Fred Schwarb who was ghosting for Nordling. From Lady Luck #87, February 1950.