I’m behind this week and haven’t even started into my eBay pile but I really don’t want to fish the internet for splash images, I want to keep it homemade so I ventured down into my basement at home to see if I had any comics laying around, these were some of my finds.

The great Esad Ribic with a two-page splash from Loki #1, September 2004. I once bought Esad Ribic a drink, I think Thor here got a better reception. Apologies for the lighting on this one, I settled on the best of the 4 tries I took.

I love this little find, unmistakable Jack Kirby in In Love #2 from November 1954. I wasn’t sure at first but then the face on the girl behind the tree gave it away.

You could run a phycological profile based on what you find in people’s basements and I do seem to have a lot of romance comics down there! Check out Tony DeZuniga laying out the problem that is “My Father’s Wife”. Lots to talk about there but also lots to look at, soooo 1971, from Secret Hearts #152.

Man cannot live on love alone it turns out, thankfully I do have some other cool stuff downstairs like this killer splash from Charles Sultan I believe, it’s from New Dime Comics #30 which I’m sure is reprinted from an earlier Dynamic Comics. New Comics #30 would be 1946 I’m thinking, perhaps someone knows the exact date?

I couldn’t resist adding another Charles Sultan – please correct me if I am wrong, Sultan drew Yankee Doodle Jones in I think it was Yankee Comics. This splash is in a Bell Features Smasher Comics #7 from 1946.