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Covered 365: Day 206

House of Mystery #206, DC Comics, September 1972. Artist: Tony DeZuniga. Psychiatrist’s office – “Mr. Durajlija you seem to have an obsession with Scarecrows, tell me about your childhood on the farm”… Tony DeZuniga draws a mean scarecrow on the…

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Covered 365: Day 121

Falling in Love #121, DC Comics, February 1971 – Artist: Tony DeZuniga. I remember back when I was thinking about doing this project, I had some issues already picked way in advance. I wrote a quick list down, Surfer #4,…

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Roy Thomas turns…76!

Well, I am officially an old guy. Rascally Roy Thomas otherwise known as Roy (The Boy) Thomas turned 76 on November 22nd. Not only was Roy Stan Lee’s first successor as Editor-In-Chief of Marvel comics and the carrier of the…

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