I pooped on DC a bit in this week’s Time to Collect post so I thought I’d try and make amends by showcasing some fine 1960s DC splash pages.

I thought I’d start with Carmine Infantino, the most 60s of all DC artists as I see it. I like the dynamic motion on his Detective Comics #347 splash page, from January 1966.

Today’s winner is this Gene Colan splash that was so good they used it as the cover too. From Young Love #52, from December 1965. Is that Ann Margret he was inspired by?

I looked for a Zatanna splash and really enjoyed finding this one, by Gil Kane from Atom #19, July 1965.

Penciller Mike Sekowsky and inker Sid Greene give us this great splash page from Justice League of America #46, from July 1966.

Russ Heath is a favorite on Making a Splash, check out his great splash from Showcase #27, from July 1960.