This week its all stuff I found in the pile destined for our eBay auctions, hopefully, a few of these will be “first time on the net” pics. Let me know which ones you liked best.

I really like the effect of sharing the text with the art in this splash by Gil Kane, this is the backup story from All-Star Western #6, from July 1971.

I hope I didn’t use this one already, great double splash from the double splash master Jim Steranko, this guy’s imagination with his layouts was off the charts. X-Men #50 from November 1968.

Nice Bernie Wrightson splash from the backup story in House of Mystery, Bernie had such an easy and distinctive style, love his work. From August 1969.

I have a confession, well two actually. The first one is that I had to read the whole story once I read this splash, the second one is I’m keeping the book, eBay will have to suffer next week! No artist is credited, from Sweetheart Diary #8, December 1951.

Everybody knows the famous Carmine Infantino cover to Flash #155 where Flash is about to run through the gauntlet of six villains, well Carm shows us how it all goes down on this splash from page 20. From September 1965.

Another back up story splash, this one from Conan #10. Marie and John Severin do up this great Kull splash, from October 1971.