This weeks Pick 5 is a little bit different.  Since there are many lists that feature “this day in”, I thought I would try it here.  So this week’s Pick 5 are big events in a given year.  The year I chose is 1941.  A very big year for comics.

#5 – Adventures of Captain Marvel

1941 saw the release of a 12 chapter film serial, Adventures of Captain Marvel.  This was the very first appearance of a comic book superhero on the silver screen, even before Superman’s adventures in 1948.

#4 – All Star Comics #8

December 1941 All Star Comics #8 was released.  This comic featured the first appearance of Paradise Islands favourite amazon, Wonder Woman.

#3 – Pep Comics #22

1941 saw the introduction of another character, many know and love today, Archie Andrews.  It’s unbelievable that teens (and adults) have been reading Archie for 70 years now.

#2 Captain America #1

2011 has been the year of Captain America, but 1941 was the very first year of Cap.

#1 Stan Lee becomes editor for Timely Comics

Stan Lee became the interim editor of Timely Comics (which would later transform into Marvel Comics) in 1941.  Stan Lee has been one of the most influential figures in comics.  If he didn’t become editor in 1941, what would comics look like today?