Marvel released their October 2011 solicitations and I’ve picked the best five to share with you here.

5. Punisher Max #18 by Dave Johnson.  Johnson has a unique composition style that works well with every cover he tackles.  A great use of negative space and a version of Elektra, possibly the most unattractive I’ve seen.

4. Captain America #4 by Steve McNiven.  Classic action shot with modern colour treatment.

3. Casanova: Avaritia #2 by Gabriel Ba.  How can I not feature killer pandas?

2. Secret Avengers #18 by David Aja.  In my eyes Aja can do no wrong and this cover proves it.  An awesome visual treatment with a faux film frames, off colour and grainyness.

1. Journey Into Mystery 629 by Stephanie Hans.  This one just jumped out at me; composition and colour leap at the viewer.  Stunning.  I’ve never heard of Stephanie Hans but I’ll be watching closely from now on.