Pick Five | Shot Glasses

Welcome to another installment of Pick Five, where one of our writers picks five of whatever comic related “fill in the blank” that tickles their fancy.

A few days ago Chris Owen and I recorded this week’s Comic Culture radio show. Our producer Anthony Falcone was there for the taping and he gave me an earful about the amount of drinks I had before and during the show (I believe it was one Cognac and a beer). Anyway to commemorate the reeming I thought we’d celebrate with 5 great looking and very practical shot glasses.


5. Minnie.  What kind of sick mind drinks whiskey out of a shot glass adorned by their daughter’s favorite Disney character?


4. Sponge Bob and Patrick. These guys are already hilarious. Imagine pounding a few back to warm up for that 8 hour Sponge Bob marathon on Teletoons. Wear a diaper.


3. Wonder Woman. Here’s the thing. Any fanboy lucky enough to have a young lady over for a few drinks can count his lucky stars that she’ll most likely prefer wine. The moment she sees a set of these unwashed in your sink is the moment she goes for the door.


2. Joker. This one is for those heavy drinkers with aspirations. Aim high and visualize your goal is what the pundits say.

1. Iron Man. OK now these make sense. Nothing takes the bite out of overpaying for a copy of Iron Man #128 like a couple of quick shots of Jack Daniels.