Everybody looks cooler when you have a cool vehicle.  Superheroes are no exception.  Here are some of my favourite Superhero vehicles.

#5 Fantasticar

The Fantastic Four is a family.  Families take vacations and road trips, like to the Negative Zone.  The Fantasticar is the best way for the whole family to go on an excursion.  And according to Fantastic Four 2… it’s got a Hemi.

#4 Wonder Woman’s Invisible Plane

Wonder Woman may be able to float on air currents, but the easiest way for her to return to Paradise Island to see her sisters is the invisible plane.  Although it has been seen in differently in various versions of Wonder Woman (sometimes described as Robot Plane), it has been a constant in the mythos of Wonder Woman.

#3 Blackbird

My favourite thing about the Blackbird is the hangar for it is under the basketball courts at Xavier’s mansion.  The Blackbird was an important edition to the X-Men movies and animated series.

#2 Ghost Rider’s Motorcycle

The wheels are fire… ’nuff said.

#1 Batmobile

The Batmobile is and always will be the greatest Superhero vehicle.  I found the picture above from Batmobilehistory.com.  This site lists every Batmobile ever used.  It is quite an extensive list.  The 1989 movie Batmobile is my absolute favourite.  Some day if I win the lottery, I’m gonna have one for sure.