Auction Highlights #84

Comic Link April Focused Auction

The Silver Age and Bronze Age comic book portion of ComicLink’s April Focused Auction ended Wednesday April 26th and I thought we’d chat about it a bit.

No big blockbuster books in this auction, as a matter of fact the top book only earned $14,251 but I’m only covering the Silver/Bronze, we’ll see what Thursday’s Golden Age auction brings. As a matter of fact our man Ivan has posted the Canadian Whites results from this auction so please check his post out.

As always Marvel carried the load, 9 of the top 10 books were Marvels. A solid CGC 4.5 copy of Showcase #4 broke Marvel’s top 10 dominance.

So why don’t we have a look at some results.

 ah 84 af 15

Amazing Fantasy #15, Marvel Comics, (August 1962) Graded by CGC at 5.0 with Off White pages sold for $14,251.00. The Overstreet price guide value for this comic at 5.0 is $9,250.00.

This book has been getting crazy money lately; I mean CGC 3.0s are topping $10K. $14,251 is below the 90 day average and well below a recent $17,000 sale. The issue this book has is the unauthenticated Stan Lee signature on the cover.

I’m ok with the Stan Lee on the cover, I think the price merits the grade and I think this is a good long term investment.

Advantage Buyer


 ah 84 hulk 181

Incredible Hulk #181, Marvel Comics (November 1974) Graded by CGC at 9.8 with Off White to White pages sold for $10,181.00. The Overstreet price guide value for this comic at 9.2 is $1,800.00.

This is a great result for this book. And but is is ever a tough call, I wish I wouldn’t paint myself into corners like this.

Hulk #181 in CGC 9.8 used to be a $20,000 book but over the past 5 years has slowly lost value due to the volume of 9.8s hitting the census. The book bottomed out just under $9,000 but has rebounded nicely over the past 12 months.

There are a lot of 9.8s. The good news is that there are a lot more Wolverine fans.

I count 76 9.8s as of this post and a lone 9.9 so basically a 9.8 is the best of the best for one of the most popular heroes on the planet, a $10 k price should be sustainable.

The centering on this copy is one of the best I’ve seen.

Advantage Buyer


 ah 84 dc 100 4

DC 100 Page Super Spectacular, DC Comics, (Summer 1971) Graded by CGC at 9.4 with Off White to White pages sold $2,400.00. The Overstreet price guide value for this comic at 9.2 is $500.00.

What’s the big deal about this book again? Origin Jungle Boy of Jupiter?

Aside from the great Wrightson cover and it being a black cover, not much goes on in this book yet this book has always been high on the list for most Bronze Age collectors.

A nice tight CGC 8.0 will cost you about $100. This is all about the grade.

Advantage Seller


 ah 84 ff ann 6

Fantastic Four Annual #6, Marvel Comics, (November 1968) Graded by CGC at 9.6 with Off White to White Pages sold for $1,111.00. The Overstreet price guide value for this comic at 9.2 is $165.00.

I swear I have to sit my ass down and figure out which issues features first appearances of which Cosmic Marvel characters. Then I have to go and scoop up every high grade copy I can find. Sadly I’m a little late for this. This is something we all should have done a couple of years ago when Marvel shifted everything towards its Cosmic Universe.

You could not sell this book 3 years ago unless you went below half guide.

This price explosion is too new. There are hundreds and hundreds of very high grade copies lying around all but forgotten in collections all over the place.

The key here will be Annihilis. Is he comparable to Thanos? Since I have to make a call I will say no and I’ll add that this price is the result of current scarcity of grade.

Advantage Seller


 ah 84 batman 149

Batman #149, DC Comics (August 1962) Graded by CGC at 9.2 with Cream to Off White pages sold for $250.00. The Overstreet price guide value for this comic at 9.2 is $475.00.

Hey! I won this book.

So I looked in the Guide and saw $475 as the 9.2 price, I put a bid in of $325 hoping to get it for a deal because the Cream to Off White is not the best page quality.

Still, picking up a high grade 1962 Batman for almost half Guide is pretty good.

Advantage Buyer


ah 84 asm 96

Amazing Spider-Man #96, Marvel Comics (May 1971) Graded by CGC at 9.2 with Off White to White pages sold for $209.00. The Overstreet price guide value for this comic at 9.2 is $210.00.

This is a book I wanted to bid on but I didn’t get home in time. We featured ASM #96 on a recent Undervalued Spotlight and I was willing to put my money where my keypad was and pick this nice 9.2 copy up.

The book sold for just over its 12 month average price of $205.

I like this pick up, its not a steal but it’s a safe bet long term.

Advantage Buyer


So? You pick up anything?

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

Walter Durajlija is an Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner. He owns Big B Comics in Hamilton Ontario.

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10 years ago

I hear what you’re saying about “cosmic Marvel” so I picked up this book for just over $200 USD including the shipping. I kinda feel this book has already popped but I’m hoping it’ll pop some more… I liked the 7.5 better but was out bid in the final seconds. I sure hope they mention Capt Marvel in the up coming GOTG:

When I was a kid, the 2 most scary villains were Ultron and Annihilis. Something about their frozen, expressionless faces creeped me out. They were hard to defeat and I was always riveted to find out how our heroes were gonna do it. And the concept of the Negative Zone was great…

That Berni Wrightson image is pretty nice… I’d buy that book just for the cover alone.

Dennis De Pues
Dennis De Pues
10 years ago

I have always loved FF Annual#6 and think Annihilus would be a great FF villain for relaunch.I just sent a real sharp raw copy down to CGC and am interested to see where it grades out at.The Bernie Wrightson cover is really what gets that Weird Mystery Tales book moving.It was a very interesting auction and the Golden Age books available tonight are really coming from a broad spectrum of genres.

10 years ago
Reply to  Charlie

Wow, we share the exact same opinion when it comes to Ultron and Annihilis! As a kid, they both scared the heck out of me (especially Ultron) with their expressionless faces and creepy voices. Ultron was always so terrifying and the fact that he always seemed so unstoppable made it worse.

I think that Captain Marvel pick up is a solid one by the way. It may take a while but it’s price will go up and I’ve always had a thing for first appearances that feature the character so prominently on the cover.

Peter K.
Peter K.
10 years ago

Strange Tales #136 1965 Hydra Jetpack Cover Doc Strange Kirby
STRANGE TALES #138 * Nick Fury * Tony Stark * HYDRA * Dr. Strange * Eternity
Strange Tales 140 End of Hydra Kirby Heck

Strange Tales #’s 150, 151, 152 – Shield VS Hydra-

Captain (Capt) Savage #2  Ayers Shores Origin Hydra Baron Strucker
Captain (Capt) Savage #4 Ayers Shores Baron Strucker Supreme Hydra

Captain America #110  Steranko Sinnott Hydra
Captain America #111 Steranko cover.with Madame Hydra
Captain America 147 Marvel 1972 The Supreme Hydra Unmaskedalter – Hydra is a big deal in both Captain of America movies and now in the Agents of Shield TV program. I am wondering if we will be seeing higher prices for the following?

9 years ago

Annihilus is a major FF villain and cool as heck IMO. I’ve always thought this book was undervalued and over the last couple of years I’ve picked up multiple copies. Interesting to note that (last time I checked anyway) there are zero 9.8s on the census. A lot rides on how the FF reboot goes and if they make good use of this character.