Superman #1 – Page 24 only, DC Comics, Supper 1939, designated PG by CGC sold for $405 on eBay recently.

I’ve been asked to buy single pages of big book a lot recently, apparently it’s quite the trend. To date I’ve stayed away only because I’m not so sure of this market. A friend told me to look up Superman #1 on the GPAnalysis site. I was floored to see just how much activity there is on these pages and even more amazed at the prices they were getting.

Superman #1, page #24 sold on eBay recently for $405.

I’m not sure what m stance is on these things, I’ve seem key pager from books like Action #1 go for multiple thousands of dollars.

I know it’s impossible for most of us to own an Action #1 or a Superman #1 and pretty soon maybe even an Amazing Fantasy #15. But will having a page from the book suffice? Maybe it it’s one of the key pages.

I find it interesting that people are taking books apart (I’m assuming incomplete ones to begin with) and submitting them as separate pages for grading obviously thinking they will make more money when all is said and done.

Again, I’m trying to figure out where these pages belong in our collecting world, what utility of ownership do they satisfy and is this a growing trend where prices will increase over time?

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