Avengers Annual #10, Marvel Comics, 1981, Graded 9.6 Raw by CBCS sold for $87.

I saw this on eBay thought this deserved a write up.

So CBCS has started this raw grading service and books graded through this service are starting to pop up everywhere. Obviously there is not enough data to tell whether the hobby has embraced this new service or not.

This may be revolutionary. Remember that the CGC 3rd party grading service opened the floodgates to online commerce for back issue comics. Could this service usher in a new level of online commerce for comics not graded in those thick and expenses cases?

This copy of Avengers Annual #10 cost $10 to be graded I believe and it sold for a healthy $87, just $3 less than the price paid for the last CGC 9.6 copy according to the GPA site.

So will this take off?

I know there are benefits to collectors, collectors can buy at a safety level not possible without this service. Collectors get an accurate grade and they get a page count check. This is good for collectors. Note that there is no restoration check with this service.

The worry here is what happens to the grade’s integrity once the book has been in circulation, traveled to 15 conventions and been handles by 100 different people. How do you sell it as a 9.6 a year later if it got banged around a bit.

I’m going to remain cautiously optimistic here because I know this is a service the buyers will really like.

Advantage Seller. $10 bucks to get it graded leaves lots room for seller to make money but buyer has bought it close to the price graded issues get without the protector.