Moebius 80s English Volumes Still Only Cover Price

There’s been a lot of talk and buzz online recently about Moebius and the dearth of English translated material, even a Facebook petition. Anything he collaborated on with Jodorowsky makes its way through Humanoids but the rest is languishing. Most conversations mention Moebius’ brief relationship with Epic in the late 1980s as the best run of English translated material published to date. These were a series of paperback oversized “graphic novels”, and go for $50-100 each online.

Graphitti Designs Moebius 7 cover

Graphitti Designs collected all these Epic paperbacks into 9 hardcovers, limited to 1500 copies each, usually three Epic volumes per hardcover. They added a signature plate to each volume and had Jean Giraud (aka Moebius) sign them. These go for $100-$300 online and are truly wonderful: I own volumes 1 and 4-9. Volume 1 I picked up years ago on eBay, but volumes 4-9 I bought last summer for cover price.

That’s right, I paid $45.95 – $49.95 each for six volumes of classic Moebius, in hardcover, signed and numbered. Graphitti Designs is very low key about their past book publishing but offers what they have in stock through their website for the original asking price. It’s crazy: these volumes have been on eBay for years commanding two to three times their cover price, yet apparently piles of these books sit in Graphitti Designs’ warehouse waiting to be purchased.

If you’re a fan of Moebius then run, don’t walk, to the Graphitti Designs website and order up these volumes. While you’re there you may want the American Flagg! and Mister X hardcovers as well.

Scott VanderPloeg
Scott VanderPloeg

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jim b.
jim b.
11 years ago

Also available on a quick look from that link is the Mr. Monster:Origins H.C.!
Graphitti prez Bob Chapman should be commended for not jacking up his prices on these great volumes. Thanks for this valuable post.

10 years ago

These seem to collect all of the epic editions of Moebius’s stuff… The Incal, moebius 0-9 (including the strangely numbered 1/2 (half)) and the blueberry stuff – oddly enough it only seems to be Stel that they leave out. I Recently bought the Graphitti designs volumes 4, 5 and 7 – I couldn’t believe the quality, just so glad they made these and that they keep off the radar intentionally so that the fans get the product and not people looking to make a few bucks. That’s actually according to one of the reps.