Undervalued Spotlight #226

ww 1Wonder Woman #1, DC Comics, November 2011

I’ve always hoped that one day I’d get to do this post, this Undervalued Spotlight featuring a book from DC’s New 52 first wave.

Back in September 2011 I posted a Market Trends asking “Can New Comics be Long Term Collectibles”. With today’s post I think I’m answering my own question.

There were a few books to choose from for this post; I could just as easily have went with Deathstroke #1, Aquaman #1 or heck even the book that started it all JLA #1.

I was buoyed by the now strong proven track record of New 52’s Batman #1, a book that has averages $193 over the past 41 sales ($177 over the past 164 sales so it’s still trending upwards). I’m also encouraged by the recent explosion of value in the New 52 Suicide Squad #1; the last 9.8 topped $250. While the Suicide Squad print run was less than 45,000 the Batman book was close to 190,000 and that still isn’t deterring value.

Wonder Woman #1 had a print run of just over 76,000, small by traditional standards. But supply is just one side of the equation isn’t it. There are over 6,000 graded New Mutant #98s and the book is still climbing in value. I’m not comparing content of the 2 books here, of course the introduction of Deadbook merits more demand than the launch of a Wonder Woman title, I’m just trying to show that high supply can be nixed by higher demand.

I’ve chosen Wonder Woman for a few reasons, she is our marquee female superhero heading into an era of growing demand for female superheroes, I think her title is a safe long term bet meaning I don’t think she will be going the way of Static Shock any time soon and in general I think all the New 52 re-launch books will enjoy a brighter future as the whole DC brand gets stronger.

What cemented the deal for me was DC/Warner’s good looking long term prospects. Their big schedule roll out for movie projects over the next 5 years and their successes on the TV front have got everyone optimistic about DC.

Wonder Woman #1 has not yet caught fire in the way Batman #1 and Suicide Squad have but it wouldn’t be too much of a prediction to say that I think it will. I like the sound fundamentals, her star is definitely on the rise.

The 44th edition of the Overstreet Price Guide shows $6 at the 9.2 grade.

Strengths that make this comic book a good long-term investment are:

  • Part of DC’s New 52 First Wave
  • Wonder Woman has a bright and secure future

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

Walter Durajlija is an Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner. He owns Big B Comics in Hamilton Ontario.

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Peter Chin
9 years ago

Interesting pick Walter. But what happens if DC decides to reboot again and kill off the New 52 continuity for something else? There is chatter that this could happen. Wouldn’t the values of this one and Batman #1 (New 52) crash and burn, and these books get tossed into the dollar bin?

Charlie Kim
9 years ago

Batman #1 may be the star of the New 52 reboot, but many of the main titles of the first wave books seem to be holding their value online. The other thing to note is… I suspect that the online buyers on average may be younger than bricks and mortar collectors. As such, there is a very strong online market for modern books. I like Silver Age stuff because that’s what I grew up with… The New 52’s may be the books for this current generation.

Interestingly… the New 52 Suicide Squad #1 seem to be out performing Legends #3. Could be the print numbers, could be the demographic or could be that Legend #3 will eventually catch up.

9 years ago

Interesting post as always. Batman #1 sure seems to be the winner of the New 52 as far as the secondary market is concerned.

Just to add, Wonder Woman #1 it does have a first appearance of a supporting character (Zola),

Justice League Dark is another I’d keep an eye on.

9 years ago

An example of this new-generation, online market is Edge of Spider-Verse # 2, first appearance of Spider-Gwen. This comic is the single hottest new comic out there. It sells like hotcakes. One just sold for over 70.00 on eBay auction. You can place a copy starting at .99 and it sells over 45.00, plus postage, a steady sale at over 50.00 and climbing. There is value investment in new comics. New generation fans are not interested in Sliver Age books, barely in Bronze Age.