Undervalued Spotlight #233

space adventure 44Space Adventures #44, Charlton Comics, (February 1962)

You’d have to go back to the infamous April Fool’s Day post of last year to find a Charlton comic featured on the Spotlight, and I didn’t even mean that one! Still, it’s been way too long without a Charlton – if you ask me.

I bought a nice group of books recently that included a strong run of Space Adventure. One of my favourite books in the pile was a tight crisp copy of this week’s Undervalued Spotlight pick, Space Adventures #44.

The Space Adventures title is probably most famous for issue #33 featuring the origin and 1st appearance of Captain Atom by Steve Ditko. Ditko’s Captain Atom feature ends at #42. With Space Adventures #44 Charlton gives us a new hero to cheer for in Mercury Man.

Mercury Man was very much a product of the early 1960s and followed the tradition of Captain Atom and Doc Solar. His run in the title only lasted until the next issue, #45. Mercury Man never really got the chance he deserved.  Never say never though…

…In 2014 Tommy G Warren / Spiderwood Productions acquired the rights to Mercury Man and have launched an on line project now 3 episodes in. This mercuryman.com re-launch hopes to propel Mercury Man back into the mainstream world of superheroes. I’m hedging that a well devised and executed project will inject new life into this 50+ year old character and by extension renew interest in this week’s Spotlight pick.

There is not much sales data on this book but the CGC 8.5 Bethlehem copy sold for $63 in 2012 while a CGC 7.0 went for $26 in Nov 2014. They don’t come up often but when they do they go cheap.

I think this book is a good gamble. You’re getting some true scarcity here. This is a 10 cent comic that predates every Marvel character except the Fantastic Four and Hank Pym. There are only 12 graded at CGC 9.2 or above.

Had the property remained dormant I wouldn’t be jumping on this book like I am but there is this new Warren project going on and its raising awareness. I’m choosing to give this new Warren project a chance to make good, I think I’ll hold on to my Space Adventure #44 for a while.

The 44th edition of the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide shows $31/$53/$75 as the 8.0/9.0/9.2 price splits.

Strengths that make this comic book a good long-term investment are:

  • First appearance Mercury Man
  • Early 60s era ensures a level of scarcity
  • Very undervalued in the Overstreet Guide

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

Walter Durajlija is an Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner. He owns Big B Comics in Hamilton Ontario.

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9 years ago

i have been eyeing this one too Walt. there is just so much to choose from if you are willing to buy at advantageous prices and sit with the books for a long time.

9 years ago

no question that it may never take off if there is not enough interest, or the new project does not succeed. but then again, you are not breaking the bank buying one, or two

Tommy G Warren
Tommy G Warren
9 years ago

Thanks for the confidence Walter. We too believe Mecury Man Adventures will grow to be a “Super Hero Name” once again. Spiderwood is working towards good stratagies being in place so we can move forward with quality action stories.

Look for good things to happen! Tommy G Warren / Spiderwood Magic, LLC