I read a good amount of comic news every day, subscribing via RSS to the bulk of comic related websites.  Unfortunately I find the bulk of it a waste of time, scrolling on by.

The big news this week has been the conviction of Micheal George, a former comic retailer who murdered his wife.  How is this comic relevant news?  He didn’t say comics made him do it so why would anyone who reads comics care about what some retailer did?  My day job is in IT and I never come across news stories of IT people committing crimes: it just doesn’t relate to the media outlet.

There seems to be an endless stream of surveys and stats showing how many women work in the creative end of comics.  Perhaps I’m in the minority but I’m not really concerned about the sex, ethnicity or background of the people who create the comics I read.  I’m there for the stories: words and art on a page.  Does that mean I don’t want anyone but middle-aged white males working in comics? Not at all: I want everyone who is talented and passionate to be able to work, but that’s true across the board for any career.

Sites need to drive traffic to attract advertisers to make money and stay in business. I get that. What I don’t get are the major sites posting every press release that’s available, all from the publisher’s websites. It looks like new content and allows users to only read one site, I guess, but why bother.

I’ve read criticism that CBD is a fan site and not a professional news site. Absolutely, 100% correct. If we weren’t fans why bother? We’re writing about a hobby and medium that we love and are passionate about. At times we may lack experience but there’s only one way to learn for free.

Why all these thoughts? Because Comic Book Daily seems to have hit a wall and we need to get past it, bringing more readers in. We started with the site redesign which looks great and presents our articles in a concise manner. We tried contests and met with little interest, but we’ll keep trying that. We’ve held firm to publishing articles with our opinions added: everything has the author’s opinion, from movie clips on the short end to our reviews and columns.

To that end we’re looking for volunteer contributors to the site. Please submit a post to [email protected] and if we’re interested we’ll contact you.

What do you want to see on Comic Book Daily?