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Ok, comic collectors. Let’s admit it. Sometimes we can be a pretty selective group. Whether we have heated face-offs regarding Marvel versus DC superheros or the value of indie versus mainstream, there’s always going to be some inevitable backslide into competitive discussion. However, I’ve never seen us be quite so, ahem, retentive as we are when it comes to getting fingerprints or other pesky stains on certain important, coveted issues. We are often known to have random fits where we don’t allow anyone (ourselves included) to touch, read, or otherwise breathe on our precious collection. But hey, that’s just fine because not only does it mean that we are conscientous owners, it also means that we can spend more time searching the Internet for entertaining webcomics as a viable Plan B. Here are a few of my favourites:

Mr. Wiggles Loves You: drawn and written by Neil Swaab, this e-comic features the stories of two distinct characters: a perverse, sociopathic, teddy bear and his roommate: an unemployed dude in his mid-thirties with a receding hairline and generations of crippling disappointment lodged in his DNA. Think Calvin & Hobbes, except with more vulgarity and less idealism. No filthy, degrading stone is left unturned here as Mr. Wiggles tackles tough issues like religion, midgets, the downward spiral of a consumerist society, drug addiction, and sexual deviance, all while looking adorable. Seriously, read it. Unless you are offended by any of the things I mentioned above. If that is the case, why are you still here?

Rock Paper Cynic: a self-described “webcomic for the unimpressed,” rockpapercynic is a collaborative project told through the eyes and creative minds of various writers, actors, and photographers based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Their mission is to portray a “fantastical urban version of steampunk,” otherwise known as “dreampunk.” Each panel is sensually pragmatic in the sense that the characters are searching for something more than what society tells them to believe and feel. It’s a haunting journey that is never afraid to ask the questions, “What if?” and “Why not?”

Two Lumps: Cat lovers of the comic world, pay attention to this one. If you want to read a strip that digs deep into the feline mind and portrays it in an addictively amusing, yet amazingly honest way, then bookmark TwoLumps. Writer Mel Hynes and artist J. Grant must have been cats themselves in a past life to create a series that portrays common housecat behaviour so accurately. A lovable, furry duo known as Ebenezer and Snooch tackle a plethora of everyday problems like chasing demon lint, terrorizing their owner’s underwear drawer and figuring out how to get a never-ending supply of gooshy food. Ebenezer is the sardonic, intelligent chief of the operation, while Snooch spends his time misinterpreting Ebenezer’s schemes, looking cute, and drinking vodka. TwoLumps is definitely comparable to Pinky and the Brain, except these guys ate Pinky and the Brain and took over the niche all while looking like they just don’t care. Typical.

This list is, by no means, a complete set. These are just a handful of strips that have been keeping me entertained while I figure out a way to turn the pages of my hardcover limited edition Wolverine biography that doesn’t include fingerprint smudges and tears.

Darah is a creature of space and sea temporarily gone walkabout on planet Earth. She recruits elite female soldiers for the Gears of War army and updates her Twitter after each successful head shot. You can discuss tips, tricks, and tactics for surviving the pending apocalypse with her here: darahcreature[at]gmail[dot]com

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