When Giants Walked The Earth!

Well I am taking the lazy way out for the first post of 2018.

I came across this fabulous 1994 Documentary of our fabulous hobby. So many of the greats have left us. Here, through the miracle of YouTube is a piece of history well worth the hour spent watching this.

Once again, Giants Walk the Earth!

Dennis De Pues
Dennis De Pues

Dennis is an admitted "Son of the Silver Age", having grown up with the influences of Silver Age greats: Kirby, Colan, Romita and Buscema.Three decades later, he is the creator of Crash!! and Galloway Park. More is definitely on the way.

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  1. I thought that this was something …possibly called Giants Walk the Earth, but I was mistaken.
    It’s actually a ( I’d say biased) VHS doc from Overstreet called The Overstreet World of Comics. Not as exciting as I imagined.
    Cave Videntium or something.

  2. I thought it was great to see the Golden and Silver Age artists in an earlier time in the convention biz.Jack Kirby must have passed away shortly thereafter and Todd McFarlane was just at the beginning of his Image days.The comic market was also coming up to the major “adjustment ” period when it virtually collapsed upon itself.Sorry you didn’t enjoy it but I thought my introduction to the article made clear it was an hour long documentary of our hobby.

  3. Oh I didn’t mind it, don’t get me wrong. Thanks for pointing it out Dennis, I’m biased and my preference is still for the Prisoners Of Gravity episodes, (3 parts to the Kirby interview on youtube).
    Some of those are really fine interviews from Mark Askwith & Gregg Thurlbeck, and the on air host space cadet Rick Green.

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