Jim Shooter On The State of Marvel Comics

Rather than pontificating this post, I found an interesting article with a very pointed take on current comics, particularly Marvel.

Former Marvel Editor-In-Chief Jim Shooter Eviscerates the Current State of Marvel Comics!

Since this topic usually elicits strong feelings I am going to let Jim Shooter speak, and I am going to listen to your comments!

This comes from a site I have never heard of called Bounding into Comics, but am planning on following now. (Editor’s note: they pull quotes and discuss this interview, which is worth reading in its entirety from the source).


Dennis De Pues
Dennis De Pues

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  1. “Music was better, shows were better, people were better back then…” is a common thing I hear from friends and guys my age. Being self aware, I try to catch myself from conventional thinking because it doesn’t address the issues at hand. Jim Shooter was a significant figure in the world of comics and there’s nothing wrong with reliving the glory days but I personally don’t like being a demographic stat… unless other older Asian men living in Canada feel this way. In that case, I need to change my own way of thinking just so I can be original.

  2. Oh Charlie, fear not , you are an original.I don’t disagree with you about reliving the” glory days” but just because something is shiny and new doesn’t mean it is better by default.

  3. You’re putting words into my mouth again Dennis. Indeed there are lots of things from the past that were better but I prefer to focus on the things that I can effect. Getting old is not one of them.

  4. I think you hit the nail on the head though–Jim sounds the way my grandparents did, and my parents, and the way I keep reminding myself NOT to sound now that I’m a parent–“everything was better back in…” blah blah blah. Yes, those are great things he talks about, but there’s some good things happening now, too. If you can’t move forward with the rest of the world then you’re going to get left behind. Obviously Jim hasn’t picked up on this yet. Also, holy cow I regret reading the comments or any of the other articles on that website. They all lament politics in comics (of course, they mean politics they don’t agree with) while being very much a political site, and every comment is political and along the lines of “huh, that looks like a decent movie but I can’t support it because the director is a SJW” The stupidity behind the kind of logic it takes to get to that point hurts my brain.

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